Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Tub Cleaning after the Fire

TUB CLEANING (FIRE) - SOUTHWESTCleaning up after a fire requires more than a sponge and elbow grease. How you approach the cleaning process, depends on the typ... READ MORE

Nicotine Cleaning

It is recommended that you regularly clean your ceilings, walls and HVAC ducts as part of your annual home maintenance routine. If not, contaminants such as gr... READ MORE

Head Board Soot Damage

When a fire occurs most people immediately think of the structural damage caused. What they don’t realize is that even a small fire in one room of a hous... READ MORE

Residental Fire Damage

Fires can be more of headache than we really want to deal with especially if it is your business. That's where our team comes in and as soon as we get to your b... READ MORE

Space Heater Fire

The SERVPRO of Southwest fire crew was recently called to a home that had suffered fire damage due to a space heater. On-site, we carefully package, label and ... READ MORE

Fire Damage

Here are some examples of a cleaning job performed by the experts at SERVPRO of Southwest Mobile. When people think of fire damage, they often think only of the... READ MORE

Fire and Soot Damage

When you have a fire, smoke is everywhere! It leaves behind soot that sometimes you can't see until you start cleaning. We use a pretesting process to determine... READ MORE

Fire Restoration

During unfortunate house fires personal belongings are sometimes damaged to no repair. That’s when we step in and help you get back your belongings, maki... READ MORE

Esporta Machine

A client had unfortunately experienced a fire in their home. The home was not a total loss, but the soot and smoke damage was apparent. Our customer gave SERVPR... READ MORE