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Commercial Maintenance Plan

7/17/2017 (Permalink)

Summer is also a great time to make sure you have an annual maintenance plan in place for your business.  Take advantage of the slower pace of summer and have us come out to set up a strategic plan to tackle the routine maintenance services that keep popping up on your to-do list.  We will develop a customized plan based on your needs and budget requirements.  We handle everything for you and set up recurring appointments based on your schedule.  Call us today to set up your FREE consultation. For a complete listing of the commercial cleaning services we offer view our website.  Whether it’s removing an odor problem or deep cleaning flooring or carpets, you can rely on us to make your workspace look its very best.

Why We Don't Test For Mold?

7/17/2017 (Permalink)

Most people think a company that remediates mold would also do the testing of mold? Here at SERVPRO of Mobile Southwest, we do not, and this is why:

Given we are a Cleaning and Remediation Company, we have determined being a certified Industrial Hygienist (IH) is veering too far from our profession.  Mold remediation and mold testing require different sets of training, certifications, and professional equipment. For remediation purposes, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) offers a course called Applied Microbial Remediation Technician.  In this course, technicians learn how to properly remediate mold, not test for it.  For testing purposes, you must have a 4 year bachelor’s degree in the particular field  as well as specific IH courses. We are trained professionals in remediating your mold concerns and that is where we focus our expertise.

In addition, a company that does both testing and remediation of mold could potentially be perceived to be skewing test results and protocols to serve their own needs (i.e. - to provide their own “passing” remediation status or inflate a remediation protocol to increase the cost of the job).  To avoid this, we not only have another company do the testing, but we also have the customer call in the IH rather than bringing them in ourselves as a subcontractor of our services.  This ensures that the IH is working for the customer’s best interest. At SERVPRO of Mobile Southwest, we make sure our customers can be fully confident they are receiving the most ethical and trustworthy service. 

So what do you do if you find Mold?

If you believe that you have a mold problem, contact SERVPRO of Mobile Southwest to evaluate your site and assess the source and extent of the issue. We will provide you with a written assessment of our findings and recommendations of next steps. If the mold issue is severe enough, your next step may be to contact an Industrial Hygienist. The IH will test the area for mold and create a remediation protocol and report with their findings. Adhering to the protocol from the IH, we will properly remediate the site to ensure a passing post-test and return your home or business to a preloss condition.

What to Do with Water Damage?

6/25/2017 (Permalink)


We are here to help, SERVPRO responds immediately!

SEVRPO of Southwest Mobile proudly serves each of our clients, from residential to commercial.  We will be on site quickly and our staff will give you the personalized attention you deserve.  We specialize in the cleanup of water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, mold removal, trauma cleanup, vandalism cleanup, carpet cleaning and duct cleaning.  Let us help you make it, “Like it never even happened.”  Visit our website to see Before and After Pictures and other Blogs. SERVPRO of Southwest Mobile is ready 24/7 for any of your needs. We are a locally owned family company right here in Mobile County.  343-0534

Wood Floors After Water Damage

6/25/2017 (Permalink)

Blog | SERVPRO Franchise Website Administration

Blog | SERVPRO Franchise Website Administration

If you have water damage at home, call SERVPRO of Southwest Mobile.  Some jobs need expert equipment and materials to remedy and warped hardwood floors are one of those jobs. The following tips can be started before we arrive onsite.

After removing wet items from the area, use a wet vacuum, such as a ShopVac, to remove as much of the water as possible. Go over the entire area multiple times, because even when you can’t see any more water on the floor, the vacuum may be still working to suction the rest of the water out of small cracks and crevices in the floor. Next, clean the surface with a disinfectant floor cleaner that doesn’t foam or suds. Something like Mr. Clean is a good choice.

Next, put a dehumidifier in the affected area and leave it running for at least a full day to further dry out the area. Also, consider putting fans in the room to help with the drying process. If it’s not humid outside or raining, you can open any windows as well.

When the floor is completely dry, check for signs of mold or mildew, and if you see any, treat it with a paste-like mixture of baking soda and water. Do not use bleach on your wood floors. If you can address the water damage problem right away, it’s more likely you’ll be able to salvage them. According to the EPA, mold can start growing in moist areas within 48-72 hours of the first initial contact the floors have with moisture. Time is critical when drying out hardwood floors affected by water and excess moisture.

Seeking out professional help is a good idea when the problem is in a large area or you think it’s not something you can handle yourself. SERVPRO of Southwest Mobile has sophisticated commercial equipment that helps pull moisture from underneath the floorboards for effective drying and allowing moisture to be released, even from the smallest of places. Moreover, if the damage occurs as the result of a natural disaster or some other weather event, your homeowner’s insurance may cover all or part of the damages that occur, so keep that in mind as well.

Who do you call after the Fire Department has left?

3/15/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO cleans up the fire damage left behind from brutal flames, smoke and that lifesaving fire hose.

Did you know SERVPRO of Southwest Mobile cleans up all the chaos after the firemen leave your home? SERVPRO cleans the fire damage left behind from the brutal flames, smoke, soot, water and fire retardant.  SERVPRO has been tasked with job of removing the debris, then demolishing the walls and removing that debris and then assisting with the starting back over building the house from the inside out.

If you have suffered from a fire damage or smoke damage and do not know who to turn to, call SERVPRO today. 343-0534

We will walk you through the process every step of the way, and make it "Like it never even happened."

Crawfish for a Cause Ticket Contest

3/15/2017 (Permalink)

Go to the Crawfish for a Cause Facebook page to enter a chance to win two free tickets. All you have to do is, Like and Share the page to your friends. The winner will be announced next Friday, March 24, 2016 Live on Facebook. Crawfish for a Cause is an event benefiting the USA Medical Hospital Andrew Luterman Regional Burn Unit. All of the proceeds from the event will be given directly to the Burn Unit for their needs. The Burn Unit services the population West of Baton Rouge to the panhandle of Florida. Come out and eat your heart out and support a noble cause.  

Professional Hoarding Services

3/15/2017 (Permalink)

When discovering a hoarding situation at a home of a family member or friend, it is necessary to find the right professional help to assist with the dilemma. You need a company that specializes in cleaning services from packing to biohazard cleaning. SERVPRO of Southwest Mobile is first call you should make. Here are the top reasons why you should hire SERVPRO.

Ensure Safe Removal of Items

Hoarders typically collect excessive amount of items, including newspapers to trash. As these items pile up in a home. This can create a serious safety hazard, plus offer an environment for unwanted pests. It is best to hire a company with knowledge to remove the debris in a safe manner.

Avoid Contact with Hazardous Materials

Hoarder homes become a breeding ground not only for pests, but for possible unsafe pathogens. During a cleanup, proper protective equipment should be worn to protect the body. SERVPRO has the necessary tools to safely complete the job.

Perform Complete and Thorough Cleaning

SERVPRO has the knowledge and resources to restore the home to a nearly pristine condition.  By doing so, the company will provide a safe living environment for all that reside in the home.

We will make it, “Like It Never Happened.”

Who can restore important documents and paperwork for medical records or legal proceedings in Mobile County?

2/19/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Who can restore important documents and paperwork for medical records or legal proceedings in Mobile County? We can save your records and paperwork after a disaster.


SERVPRO of Southwest Mobile uses a process called Sublimation when saving your important documents. What we do is first stabilize your records by freezing them and then inventory or cataloging takes place.

The actual process of sublimation is a freeze drying procedure that causes the ice in the frozen documents to convert directly to vapor using a combination of temperature control and pressure. The vapor is then immediately extracted which allows the vapor to bypass the liquid state and ensures your document will be dry.

Most documents will never look brand new again, but the document restoration service SERVPRO provides does produce a usable document that can then be restored or filed and reused in its original capacity.

For your document restoration needs in Mobile, call SERVPRO today! 343-0534

SERVPRO offers the resources to each of  the clients in all stages of their needs. We will walk you through each step of the process.

We will make it, "Like It Never Happened." 

Commercial cleanups from fires and floods can be huge undertakings. We can definitely handle the big stuff!

2/9/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial cleanups from fires and floods can be huge undertakings. We can definitely handle the big stuff! No commercial water cleanup job is too big for SERVPRO!

In our latest commercial it shows what could happen if someone accidentally trips the sprinkler system in a factory. This scenario is all too familiar for commercial businesses in Mobile County and happens a lot more than most people realize.

SERVPRO has the capacity to handle any sized water damage even gigantic factories, warehouses and office buildings. We have Storm Teams on standby for large losses that know exactly what to do for your company should a water cleanup job go beyond your mops and buckets.

Our team is trained to do the job right the first time with our professional grade equipment and our certified staff.

Call SERVPRO today for your commercial water cleanup in Mobile County today! 251-633-7500

We will make it, "Like It Never Happened."

Fire Cle

Why Hiring a Cleaning Service is the Perfect Valentine's Gift by SERVPRO

2/9/2017 (Permalink)

A little less then two weeks until Valentines Day! Are you looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Don't give the usual chocolate and flowers.... give the gift of time and hire us to clean! 

Don't let Valentines Day intimidate you.. you can have the perfect night! HEre's three reasons why you should hire SERVPROs of Mobile County.

1. You will have more free time. Free up your weekend and delegate your chores to us. We will get your home looking spotless so you can focus on romance!

2. A clean house is always apprediated. It's the ultimate "ahh" gift because it will make your home look, smell, and feel better. You will even breath better air!

3. Make it a suprise and let your significant other come home to a clean home!

Is your partner not into the outdated gifts of Jewelry, flowers, chocolates? Then this offer will be perfect for them!